What is Stout Beer?

What is Stout Beer?

Where did the stout come from?

Stout was first known in London, England in 1721 and this beer is brewed from roasted barley to create its dark color. In the beginning, stout was brewed with a high alcohol content up to 7-8% and was still very well received by people, stout was considered the most popular beer at that time, besides the ale. Today, stout has a lighter alcohol content and is drinkable for everyone, like Rooster Nitro Stout with 5.8% ABV. 

There are different kinds of stout such as milk stout, imperial stout, porter, …


What gives stout its dark color?

Craft beers are all about the hops, while malts play a secondary role. For stout beer, it's the opposite. Malt is the main ingredient to give the stout its delicious taste and dark color. 

The sprouted barley releases sugars and stores them as starch, then the fermentation process converts the sugar into alcohol. Kilning stops barley from fully sprouting, then different malts are made depending on how hot and ways of kilning.

Malts like Munich, Vienna, chocolate, brown, or black malts are used to make dark beers with a roasty flavor, coffee flavor, or caramel. Therefore, depending on the brewer's purposes, these malts will be combined with the other malts to create different stout flavors.

For Rooster Nitro Stout, it's rich, creamy, and smooth, without the heaviness of most stouts. This highly drinkable Nitro Stout has bold flavors of coffee, toffee and chocolate, balanced with a rich sweetness.

And you know what...Rooster Dak Lak Nitro Stout won the Silver medal in the Asia Beer Championship 2022 held in Thailand.

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What are the benefits of stout?

People often think that drinking alcohol is unhealthy, but using stout in moderation will bring many health benefits to our body. The benefits of drinking stout beer can be listed:

a. Stout contains antioxidants

Antioxidants help the body stabilize radicals, prevent and slow down the damage caused by cells. In stout, the ingredients through high-temperature brewing create antioxidant compounds that are useful for our body (University of Wisconsin, USA).

b. Stout helps our bones stronger

Malts and hops in stout beer are a source of nutrients that increase the mineral content of our bones. Using stout in moderation can make bones stronger, and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.  


c. Stout prevents kidney stones

Drinking stout beer also works to prevent kidney stones. When our body is in excess of calcium, it will form kidney stones, then affecting the excretory system. It helps to support the kidneys and decrease calcium deposits in the body, thereby preventing kidney stones.

d. Stout helps prevent stroke 

Stroke is the cause of many deaths every year. Drinking stout beer can help reduce the risk of stroke, which has been proven by scientists around the world for many years. And yes! Please drink responsibly!


e. Help improve your sex life

Stout beer has a high content of iron, which helps to accelerate the production of hemoglobin and pump blood throughout the body, improving the circulatory system. Moreover, drinking stout in moderation will help men "extend" their “fun time” and it also helps you feel more energetic when you are a bit stagnant.


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