The Untold Story of Hops

The Untold Story of Hops

Everyone knows that hops are the source of bitterness in beers. But only a few know the versatility of hops.

1. There are so many different varieties of hops that have different levels of bitterness and aroma. Many brewers have classified them into bittering hops and aroma hops. One of the most common bittering hops is ‘Nugget' which gives beer a punch of bitterness and a slight scent of woodiness with a subtle ginger note. For flavoring hops, #RoosterBeers uses, Citra – a hop with fragrance of citrus and smooth bitterness.


2. Fun fact, Hops are antibacterial. That’s why, in the 18th century, the British added more hops into barrels so that they could keep the beer from spoiling on the 6-month voyage to India, and that right there is the story of how the first IPA was made!


3. Not only used for beers, but hops are also used in herbal teas and medicines to treat insomnia. The young shoots of the vine are edible and can be cooked similar to that of asparagus.

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