The Right Glass Matters

The Right Glass Matters

While exploring craft beer in Vietnam, you may notice that different breweries serve beers in different types of glassware. They’re not picking their glass randomly but being carefully chosen by purposes: some for enhancing the drinking experience, some for reflecting the branding.

As for Rooster Beers, it took our Founder and BrewMaster quite a long time to make the final decision of using the pint glass as Rooster drinkware. It has been chosen for being classic, elegant, easy-to-enjoy and convenient.

🍺 CLASSIC – Pint glasses are one of the most common types of glassware around the world. It has been in every bar, especially in the UK and US, since the early 20th century, after publicans replaced tankards with glasses.


🍺 IT’S ABOUT THE BEER – The shape of the pint glass is minimalistic. There isn’t any exceeded detail that will steal the show from the beer inside. The sloped wall offers a clear view of the beer inside, allowing drinkers to easily appraise the color, body and bubbles.

🍺 EASY-TO-ENJOY – The conical shape allows the bartender to have easier control of the pouring beer, which results in the perfect portion of beer and foam. The wide mouth gives access to drinkers’ noses when drinking the beer, allowing them to fully experience the beer by taste and aroma at once.


🍺 CONVENIENT – Pint glasses are very convenient: easy to store, thick wall to keep the beer cool longer and weight to give the drinker a good grip.


Besides, there is an interesting fact about the pint glass. Pint is a measurement for beer, which is approximately 568ml in the UK and 473ml in the US. When we brought the pint glass to Vietnam, we designed it to hold the amount of 500ml to meet the Vietnamese drinking behavior.

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